SIM Only Deals

Happy with your current device? Try switching to a different network on a shorter 12-month or rolling 30-day contract SIM. You can often get a better deal than downgrading your contract after the minimum term ends.

It's easy to transfer your number, just text PAC to 65075 - you'll receive a text with a code in the format ABC123456. It's valid for 30 days and if you change your mind, just do nothing and your current contract will continue. After you've ordered and received your new SIM you'll receive instructions in the packaging on what to do with the PAC code. When the transfer is complete your old contract will be cancelled automatically.

The cheapest SIM only deal is £2.63 per month on average with a rolling 24-month contract. These SIMs come with cut-outs for full, micro and nano sizes so you don't need to worry about ordering the wrong size for your phone.

Data SIMs suitable for Tablets, USB modems and Mi-Fi devices can be found in the "Data SIMs" tab. Note that these SIMs are not for phones - they cannot be activated in phones and you cannot call or text with them.

How do I order?

After you've made your choice of colour, storage size and the plan that suits you best click the "Get Deal" button on the deal card. You'll be transferred to the retailer's website where you can place your order.

Please note that we are a price comparison service - your order is not placed with us, but with the retailer directly. We try to ensure all prices are correct, but please check the full details of the plan in your basket before ordering.

What if I change my mind after I order?

If your order hasn't been dispatched yet, then you may be able call the customer service number found on the retailer's site and cancel. If you've already received the phone, you have 14 days after taking delivery to request a return - even if you've opened the packaging and used it. It's equivalent to going into a phone shop and trying their display models before you buy, since you weren't able to do this beforehand having bought online. Some networks may opt to offer even longer evaluation periods to make sure you're fully satisfied with their signal coverage.