SIM-Only Deals

Happy with your current device? Try switching to a different network on a shorter 12-month or rolling 30-day contract SIM. You can often get a better deal than downgrading your contract after the minimum term ends.

It's easy to transfer your number, just text PAC to 65075 - you'll receive a text with a code in the format ABC123456. It's valid for 30 days and if you change your mind, just do nothing and your current contract will continue. After you've ordered and received your new SIM you'll receive instructions in the packaging on what to do with the PAC code. When the transfer is complete your old contract will be cancelled automatically.

The cheapest SIM only deal is £2.90 per month on average with a rolling 30-day contract. These SIMs come with cut-outs for full, micro and nano sizes so you don't need to worry about ordering the wrong size for your phone.