SIM-Only Deals

Happy with your current device? Try switching to a different network on a shorter 12-month or rolling 30-day contract SIM. You can often get a better deal than downgrading your contract after the minimum term ends.

It's easy to transfer your number, just text PAC to 65075 - you'll receive a text with a code in the format ABC123456. It's valid for 30 days and if you change your mind, just do nothing and your current contract will continue. After you've ordered and received your new SIM you'll receive instructions in the packaging on what to do with the PAC code. When the transfer is complete your old contract will be cancelled automatically.

The cheapest SIM only deal is £2.50 per month on average with a rolling 12-month contract. These SIMs come with cut-outs for full, micro and nano sizes so you don't need to worry about ordering the wrong size for your phone.

Data SIMs suitable for Tablets, USB modems and Mi-Fi devices can be found in the "Data SIM" tab. Note that these SIMs are not for phones - they cannot be activated in phones and you cannot call or text with them.

What contract length should I go for?

SIM Only plans are usually either pay-as-you-go, rolling 30-Day plans or 12-Month contracts. The 12-Month contracts are usually cheaper per month on average with some even offering cashback bonuses, but require a 12-Month agreement and a credit check. The 30-Day plans won't require a credit check, but still give you a fixed monthly payment and set of allowances. Pay-as-you-go SIMs allow you to only pay for the data, minutes and texts you use. Some networks offer 30-day prepaid bundles you can apply whenever you like.

What's the difference between 4G and 5G?

4G is the current generation of mobile networks - with excellent coverage all over the UK and when roaming in Europe. 5G is the next-generation with networks promising speeds up to 10x faster, higher capacities in congested areas and lower latency. The major networks have all launched their 5G services, but there is currently only limited coverage in some cities.

Speed caps may be present on some 5G plans, enabling you to access the 5G network at a lower cost if you don't require the fastest speeds. A 2Mbps limit is fine for browsing, social media and music but not for video. A 10Mbps limit can additionally allow you to stream HD video and for online gaming. Uncapped speeds are good for UHD streaming, super-fast app downloads and hotspotting.

How are reseller prices cheaper than the networks?

We partner with retailers such as Affordable Mobiles, Mobile Phones Direct, and Fonehouse - the deals they offer can be considerably better than ordering directly through a network.

They're able to do this because they have ongoing bulk order agreements with the networks and are online-only, enabling them to make savings and pass the value onto you. The phone is a brand new UK model (unless it's specifically stated to be a "refurbished" deal) and the contract you've agreed to will always be with the network themselves - just as if you'd ordered from them in the first place.

All our partners are well established companies who have received many hundreds of positive reviews on Trustpilot you can read before ordering, so you can buy in confidence.

How do manual cashback redemptions work?

The deals that have the lowest average cost per month often include a manual redemption element. This will involve sending via post or uploading your phone bill from certain months of the contract within a claim window to ensure you're still connected and have kept up with the payments. Please read the individual retailer's terms as the exact months and payment methods can vary.

For example - you place an order for a 24-month contract in January which includes redemption cashback of £100 to be claimed in months 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18. Within a few days of receiving your phone and being connected to the network your first bill will be raised, dated January. In this case your 6th bill will be dated June - you would send this one to the retailer. Within 14-28 days you'll receive cashback of £20. You then repeat this process in September, December and so on until the full £100 has been claimed.

How do I order?

After you've made your choice of colour, storage size and the plan that suits you best click the "Get Deal" button on the deal card. You'll be transferred to the retailer's website where you can place your order.

Please note that we are a price comparison service - your order is not placed with us, but with the retailer directly. We try to ensure all prices and plan benefits are correct, but please check the full details of the deal you add to the basket before ordering as errors in our data feeds may occassionally occur. To help us continue to provide our free service we may earn a commission from our partners if you make a purchase. This doesn't affect the price you pay or the ranking order of our comparison results.

What if I change my mind after I order?

If your order hasn't been dispatched yet, then you may be able call the customer service number found on the retailer's site and cancel. If you've already received the phone, you have 14 days after taking delivery to request a return - even if you've opened the packaging and switched it on. Some networks may opt to offer even longer evaluation periods to make sure you're fully satisfied with their signal coverage.