EE Deals

EE is here to help people get the most from their digital lives. The UK's biggest, fastest and most reliable network offers a great range of plans with incredible data allowances. Customers also benefit from a range of entertainment and sport related benefits including BT Sport. With EE, you already get the fastest speeds in the UK with 4GEE Max plans. But and the biggest 4G coverage. According to open signal (, the average download speed is 31.7Mbps. Although it has limited coverage, EE's 4G+ has downloand speeds ranging from 90 Mbps to 150 Mbps.

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We have EE Contracts and Upgrades available for 119 different phones from 17 brands. To change the default handset, simply choose your brand from the drop-down list then the specific model.

Pay as you go phones from EE can be found in the PAYG tab from £10.79 to buy outright. You'll usually have to pay an initial top-up charge of £5-10 which is included in our totals, but there are no ongoing fees.

EE SIMs are available from £6.17 average per month. These are rolling monthly contracts.

In addition, EE have SIMs suitable for Tablets, Mi-Fi devices and USB dongles from £1.00 per month. These are data-only and cannot be used in phones.

Auto Cashback
You'll automatically receive cashback (usually via BACS) after your contract is connected.

Requires you to take some manual actions to receive e.g. Send in your 6th, 9th & 12th bill to the retailer. These deals can often be the cheapest if you're willing go through the steps.

Existing Customer
Better deals may be available if you're an existing customer taking out other services. e.g. you already have Sky TV or BT Broadband. These are not upgrades, and not for existing mobile phone customers.