EE Deals

EE is here to help people get the most from their digital lives. The UK's biggest, fastest and most reliable network offers a great range of plans with incredible data allowances. Customers also benefit from a range of entertainment and sport related benefits including BT Sport. With EE, customers already get the fastest speeds in the UK with 4GEE Max plans.

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We have EE Contracts and Upgrades available for 39 different phones from 9 brands. To change the default handset, simply choose your brand from the drop-down list then the specific model.

Pay as you go phones from EE can be found in the PAYG tab from £9.99 to buy outright. You'll usually have to pay an initial top-up charge of £5-10 which is included in our totals, but there are no ongoing fees.

EE SIMs are available from £10.00 per month. These are rolling monthly contracts.